• Thursday , 23 November 2017

Election ‘Purdah’

On 27th March ‘Purdah’ began, and last until after the elections have taken place on 3rd May.  During this time I will not be writing my own posts, but the site will continue to be updated with general news items by the Council.

‘Purdah’ is the period of time from when an election is announced until after the election is held, but is now more often referred to as the pre-election period*. Each year, guidance is issued to local authorities on their activities during the period before local elections.

This guidance sets out restrictions on local authority publicity and rules concerning media reporting of the election campaign.

The guidance states “Publicity relating to individuals involved directly in the election should not be published by local authorities during this period unless expressly authorised by or under statute”.

As my blog is hosted by the Council on my behalf, and I am directly involved in the election,  I have taken the decision not to publish my personal views on The Bottom Line during this period.

I hope you enjoy the general news stories that are posted from now until after the election.

For more information on Purdah visit the Parliament website

You can also read news articles located on the Sandwell Council website

* ParliamentUK

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