• Thursday , 23 November 2017

What price education?

Does the Government really believe in giving kids a decent education? Not just paying lip service to it, but actually believing it?

It says it does but what about its incredible decision to reject our plans to rebuild or renovate 14 schools in the borough?

Generations of young people will be condemned to lessons in crumbling buildings because of it.

Good teaching and discipline are key to success but if the roof is leaking or the heating’s patchy in winter…you get the picture.

The Government says it can’t afford to help every school because the country has massive debts – but a pound now will create £10 in value later on when well-educated kids go into the world of work.

What really shocked me about the Government’s announcement was the arrogance of education secretary Michael Gove – he’s actually gone against his own advisors with this decision.

The Head of Schools at Davis Langdon, which is leading a condition survey of schools for the Government, said it would be more than a year before all the results of it were known.

Now the Government has suddenly announced the full list of schools to get money.

In my view they’ve had to make a lot of assumptions about which are the most deserving schools. My question is – what are those assumptions?

How have they picked one school over another without all the facts?

And what about the extra primary pupils due to start school soon – without extra classrooms they are going to have to put up with cramped conditions.

Three of our schools will get money but we haven’t even been told how the scheme will work – it’s over five years but we don’t know when we can go ahead with our plans. We don’t know how much money is involved either.

If it wasn’t so serious and damaging it would be funny.



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