• Friday , 20 October 2017

Tackling dangerous parking outside our schools

It’s coming up to a year since we put our camera car on the roads of Sandwell to tackle dangerous parking.

Now the kids are back for the new school year, this is an appeal to everyone who picks up or drops off children at schools in Sandwell.

Our camera car tackling dangerous parking outside schools

                       Our camera car tackling dangerous parking outside schools

The message is a simple one. Please park safely, or you risk getting a fine in the post.

I hear of far too many near misses outside our schools and parents who simply don’t think the yellow zig zags apply to them.

Since we launched the camera car last October, it has issued more than 2,700 automatic fines.

The car is fitted with CCTV equipment which clocks number plates and issues £70 fines to people who park illegally – including on yellow zig-zag markings outside schools, in bus stops and on red routes.

Dangerous parking outside our schools is putting our children at risk. We want the camera car to be a deterrent, but I’d much rather parents just parked properly.

So if you’re picking a child up from school, don’t break the rules. If you park illegally, you could be getting a fine in the post.

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