• Friday , 20 October 2017

Are you signed up for our email updates?

More than 5,000 people have signed up for the council’s email updates. If you’re not signed up yet, here’s why you should.

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By signing up you’ll get important information about everything from events to weather alerts, news to job vacancies, straight to your inbox.

It’s free, we won’t spam you and you’ll get at least one update from us each week.

This will be particularly useful if we get any snow before the spring comes – so do get signed up now if you want to hear about school closures, if the weather has affected our bin collections and lots more.

You can sign up for all of our updates or just the things you’re interested in.

It’s another great digital way people can keep in touch with the council.

Your email address will be kept confidential and we won’t bombard you with updates – just important or helpful information and news.

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