• Friday , 20 October 2017

What goes in your recycling bin?

When I was a kid, the pop man used to come down our street. You’d take back last week’s glass bottles and get a few pennies off your cherryade or cream soda.

We were recycling back then without really knowing it – saving a bit of money and reusing something that was too good just to chuck in the dump.

Top 4 Recycling Mistakes

Fast forward a good few decades, and recycling is now the norm for most of us.

But some of us are so keen to recycle that we’re putting the wrong things in our recycling bins.

So this is just a plea to ask you to take a few moments to check- are you putting the right things in your bin?

You can recycle a huge proportion of your household rubbish – there’s an easy to use guide here on our website. Print it out and stick it on the fridge.

We’d love to be able to recycle all household waste (and between the blue lid bin and the brown food waste bin, I’m sure everyone in Sandwell could be recycling more than half of everything they throw out) but not everything can go in your recycling.

Some of the most common items we mistakenly find in recycling bins include nappies, clothes, food waste and black bags. All of these need to go in your grey household waste bin.

If you do put these things in your bin, we won’t be able to collect it. You’ll get a sticker on your bin explaining what doesn’t belong there and you’ll need to remove whatever it is before your next collection.

Now I know some people will ask “Why should I recycle?”

As I see it, it’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce the amount of waste we’re sending to landfill.

If we can’t increase recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish we’re dumping, it’s also going to drive up the amount of landfill tax the council has to pay – which long-term is going to cost us as taxpayers.

So please, do check you’re putting the right things in your recycling bin.

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