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Apps for seaman. Top 10 Android Sailing Apps.

Apps for seaman

By default, all members of the group are selected. SMSmart is an offline app allowing you to save data to get instant access to apps like news, maps, stocks, yelp, wikipedia, search and many others. EN-TL Tagalog Dictionary English is the working language on-board a ship and it is nice to have this handy app in your pocket for quick reference. You can also grab a video already in your camera roll, and upload it to Viddy. EveryMe ——- EveryMe is both an amalgamation of your existing major social networks — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram — and a complete departure. Search Must Have Apps for Seafarers Smartphones and tablet devices are now hugely important to the working lives of seafarers. Per informazioni dettagliate in merito, si consiglia di consultare le privacy policy dei servizi elencati. What better way to spend it than playing Ship It! If you love to compute manually you can use this app for checking. Go to the class page. The videos you can upload are bite-sized — 15 seconds max — so it's easy and fun to hop from one video to the next. This database is public and accessible free of charge, after a simple registration on the Equaris website.

Apps for seaman

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    This can be set to show base wind and gust strength and direction. Maritime World Ports This app contains data on more than ports in countries.

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    Whilst the list is not exhaustive it should give you an idea of what other similar apps may be out there. Check the box next to the students you want to invite or check theSelect allbox to invite all the students listed.

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    You can use these apps to unleash yourself from the helm and view your nav suite from anywhere onboard. Signal-to-Signal messages can include text, images, videos.

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    Wind and weather forecasts are available on an hourly basis, with wind barbs showing the speed and direction. Used in conjunction with SHIP materials, available for free download here , or indeed any other health app, Fitbit is a subtle way of keeping track of your health when on the move and busy.

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    You should get this while its free!