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Delete photos from. Delete photos from My Photo Stream.

Delete photos from

This will prompt a drop-down menu. If you are viewing the files from within an editing program and do not know where the folder is All the photos that were in this album will remain in your Camera Roll until you delete them from there. How to select multiple photos at once on iPhone or iPad 5 Once you have selected all the photos you want to remove from your iPhone, tap on the Trash icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Search your files until you find one or more you want to eliminate. They work to ensure that anyone can access the best educational resources from the web anytime, anywhere, even if they do not have an internet connection. It's near the bottom of the drop-down menu. In the meantime, the methods described above are you best bet to delete pix one by one from your iPhone, or to delete all of them at once. I understand it can be confusing to read this, but it will make sense if you have your iPhone in your hands. How can I stop this from saving the copy. It's somewhat easier if you have your Folder Options set to Single Click

Delete photos from

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iPhone / iPad Photos App - Delete Photos

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    This is why we have published an article about the best apps to delete photos.

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    Unfortunately, there is still no quick and easy way to delete all photos that are on your iPhone directly from the device.

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    Simply type in the name or keyword from the photo and the file and its location should appear. You're helping people by reading wikiHow wikiHow's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.

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    All this information applies to the iPad too.

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    World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge. Tap a photo to select and enlarge it.