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Delete the picture. Replace or delete a picture in Microsoft Office.

Delete the picture

This is perfect for deleting a single embarrassing or private picture while keeping the other messages in tact, but keep in mind it only removes the image from your iOS device and not the recipients. If you're already logged into Facebook, doing so will open your News Feed. Logging in to Facebook before the two weeks are up will void the deletion request. You'll no longer see contact suggestions from apps in your iPhone's Contacts app or in the autocomplete field for Messages and Mail. That way, you can hide entire categories of contacts from the list without having to remove them completely. Those features are sort of like automated housekeeping functions for messages app and is valuable if you find the threads to be cluttering up storage on an iOS device, but not everyone likes the automatic removal and many prefer to manually intervene to remove images and movies themselves instead. On Android, you'll tap and hold the comment you wish to delete. Doing so will remove the comment from the post. For example, you'd tap Gmail to open your Contacts settings for a Gmail account. It's located at https: All of the contacts that you had synced with your iCloud account will be deleted from your iPhone.

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How to remove Picasa Pictures in gallery

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Delete the picture

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    It's the blue button in the pop-up window. On Android, you'll tap and hold the comment you wish to delete.

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    It should be at the top of the menu.

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    With the trick we will show you, you can selectively delete a single picture or video from the Messages app in iOS, without interfering with the rest of the conversation or with the other texts, pictures, or movies.

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    Google Insights for Search, which tracks the popularity of search queries over time, shows a steady increase in searches for the phrase through and

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    These contacts include any locally saved information e. It's a blue app with a white "f" on it.

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    In response, many are taking to Google to figure out how to permanently delete their Facebook accounts.