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Find your match icebreaker. Icebreaker: Meet Your Match.

Find your match icebreaker

Play the gave as often as it seems appropriate. Encourage them to make as many unique matches as possible. Here are some of the matches that I have used with my students: Have the new person in the center finish the same incomplete sentence. Ask each student to sit in one of the chairs have an exact number. The first group member introduces himself, gives himself a nickname that starts with the same letter, and explains why he chose that name. Jay-Z Index Card 1: You may have several matches with just one person; however you may only collect 2 signatures before you must move on and find a new match. A blanket is held by two volunteers teacher and a student between the two groups. Condoleezza Rice Index Card 1: Then, the next person adds on: If time allows you could ask a few people to share one of their matches.

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A Professional Bridesmaid Looks for Love

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Find your match icebreaker

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  1. Tygorn

    Have participants number off and divide the class into four teams six people per team based on 24 in the class.

  2. Nejind

    At this point the chosen individuals are sitting facing each other, but concealed by the blanket.

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    If time allows, have a few people share one of their matches and ask others with the same answer to stand up too — revealing more common connections with those in the room. An Exciting Day or Person This icebreaker can be used with groups of up to 20 persons:

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    You will announce an order that you wish them to line up in, first group to do it and sit in a line on the floor wins a point. My name is Frank and I'm taking a flashlight.

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    Ask if they have any questions.

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    Have them write on the card one thing about themselves that is something you would not necessarily know about them by looking at them. The team with the most points after all the cards are matched gets a prize such as candy that the facilitator would need to buy ahead of time.

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    Ichinen — Sanzen These are vaguely in order of difficulty. For instance, Mary's goal is to visit every National Park, Susan once rode a bull, Diana has 8 kids, or Jennifer is taking tap dance lessons.