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Log in first. Raleigh - North Hills.

Log in first

It will look amazing and last a very long time. Besides being fast, durable, and economical, the butt and pass method of log home building requires relatively few tools. I am in the process of scanning my favorite dozen or so sets of plans that I have drawn and built over my career, and will be offering them for sale at a very reasonable price in the near future. When you ask the question, how to build a butt and pass log home? I am seriously interested in the style cabin that you advocate. I would also encourage you to consider being your own builder. Sawn logs, logs sawn to a standard width, but with their original heights Milled also called machine-profiled , made with a log house moulder: Log home construction was the most common building technique in large regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic states and Russia, where straight and tall coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce, are readily available. Do you know of any builders in my area you would recommend? Your particular building department might like more details on these plans, and if so, that should be easy and inexpensive for you or a local architect to amend. Here you can look, share and contribute and together we can help each other realize our dreams of building a butt and pass log home. In fact, most of the necessary tools would fit in the trunk of a car!

Log in first

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    Most, if not all of the ones I have found here are building kit homes. Finishing off your home Plumbing and electrical work Here I always go to a professional as it is quicker, safer and the work is always guaranteed to pass inspections.

  2. Goltitilar

    Be aware that you are not alone in your situation. Do you know of any builders in my area you would recommend?

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    After doing some research I have not been able to find any builders of the style cabins you are recommending.

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    You really must understand a simply rule:

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    The final log walls are stronger and more stable than a scribed and notched log home.