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Met pictures. In Pictures: Katy Perry's Met Gala outfit will leave you in fits of laughter.

Met pictures

Big Bird eventually finds Snuffy and they wander the Egyptian exhibit and encounter an Egyptian prince named Sahu and his cat who have been cursed to remain on Earth and not be able to become a star like his parents until he answers the question "Where does today meet yesterday? Before the group can leave, they realize Big Bird is missing and run all through the museum looking for him. He was himself, and himself only. Getty Images Elsewhere it was the battle of the big pop divas. Jaden Smith looked dapper in Louis Vuitton ensemble and gold jewellery. Oscar finds an exhibit of Greek and Roman statues that have been broken by natural disasters. She is known for her bold, architectural designs that bridge the gender divide. She assumed at once the dispensation of the Perry was spotted in a red tulle dress with a veil and the word "witness" inscribed on her forehead that caught people's attention. Dressed in a bespoke Ralph Lauren trench coat dress, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra's dress covered the entire flight of the Met's famous front steps and she needed a dedicated helper to go up the stairs. Her dress was eye-catching with vivid shades of tangerine, lemon yellow, and blue. Is this the new-look Kim K?

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Strangers No Appointment That Met Will Amaze You「 funny pictures 」

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Met pictures

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