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Stout men. The Gay Men Project: Contribute Your Stories (PHOTOS).

Stout men

They kept trying to set me up with their daughter and take me to church. People are visiting the blog from all over the world, places like Iraq and Syria. We were sitting there, across the kitchen table from each other, and I said, "Mom, I'm gay," and I still remember the confused look on her face. It wasn't a sexual experience but a curiosity. The Gay Men Project perfectly dovetails those two concepts, enabling me to marry my passions. As a photographer, you have a certain aesthetic. Just before I left Portland, I told all my close friends that I was gay, and over the next few years I told my sisters and my mom. You mentioned coming out to your mom. What was your coming-out experience like? I wanted to photograph as many men as I could, with as much diversity as possible, to show people like my mom that there isn't necessarily a "look. It was only after college, when I moved away from home for a job with AmeriCorps in California, that I finally decided to live as an openly gay man. I needed to be who I am.

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Stout Men Part 3

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Stout men

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    I'm only able to travel to cities I have access to, and to get the reach and diversity I'm hoping for, I need submissions.

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    That's a great question.

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    Having that commonality of being gay men really bonds us.

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    How did you first get started? As one of the people I photographed said, "To me, being gay means both nothing and everything at the same time.

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    I started shooting on film and doing prints as part of my classwork.

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    That's a great question.